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The defendant pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and bill jumping. Falling a presentence investigation agricultural course especially the 20 years confinement for marijuana possession 10 years confinement for bail jumping. In two issues, the defendant contends on appeal that the trial court erred in two instances. One of Phil to properly advise him of the possible deportation consequences of his guilty plea. Secondly, is accepted guilty plea was without sufficient evidence to substantiate his guilt. Here’s a summary the facts the case. If you’re facing felony charges, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

In summary, prostitution is the defendant with possession of more than 200 pounds of marijuana. After defendant to appear in court with charge, prosecutors charged with child bumping. 14 years later, police arrested the defendant for assault. He pleaded guilty to marijuana possession and bill jumping charges without a great sentence recommendation from the state. Upon the completion of the presentence investigation report, the trial court conducted a hearing. At the conclusion of the hearing, the court found the defendant guilty assesses punishment 20 years confinement.

The charges were for possession of marijuana and bail jumping. He filed a motion for new trial both cases which the trial court denied. His first issue, the defendant contends that the trial court failed to properly motion compliance with the current criminal procedure. Specifically, he argues that there’s no evidence in the record showed that the trial court admonished him regarding the possible deportation consequences of his guilty plea. When reviewing a claim that the defendant was not fully informed before entering guilty plea, the appeals court will look for it in the record. Disclosure must be voluntary and intelligent choice among the available courses of action.

Prior to accepting a plea of guilty or plea of no contest, the court shall admonished the defendant of the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. The fact that if the defendant is not a citizen of the United States, guilty plea may result in deportation. It also could result in exclusion from admission to this country. Felt it could result in the denial of naturalization under federal law. In a blessing the defendant substantial compliance by the court is sufficient. Let the defendant affirmatively shows that he is not aware of consequences of his plea, he will be misled or harmed. The court can make it must be required orally or in writing.

If the court makes a warnings in writing, the defendant must sign the statement that he understands the consequences of his plea. Further, he saw hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. The record shows that the defendant is not a U. S. citizen. Therefore, is entitled to warnings regarding the possible deportation consequences of his guilty plea. The defendant argues that there’s no evidence the record showed that the trial court warned him. Contrary to defend his contention, record reflects the trial court admonished the defendant in writing and but for marijuana possession case in the gel bumping case.

The court may make a warnings required by the law here orally or in writing. The warning form was initialed by the defendant. It states that it is not a U. S. citizen a plea of no contest were guilty may result in deportation. As required, the defendant’s attorney signed the document. The court found the statements to be sufficient evidence that the defendant had freely voluntarily entered his plea. In that case, the plea warnings form stated several things. Among them were that he understood the Spanish language. The defense counsel explained the warnings to the defendant in Spanish before sign the form. The defendant consulted fully with his attorney for entering a plea. If you’re facing charges, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

Defense counsel explained the form to him and the warnings. This included waivers of constitutional rights and agreement to stipulate and confess. The defendant understood the warnings. Additionally, he was aware of the consequences of his plea. The court concluded that the record in the present case indicates the defendant was informed of his rights. He waived them in and made them freely and intelligently. Defendant also asserts that the paragraph shows they reached understand only Spanish. However there is no evidence that the warnings were translated in Spanish. This is true because there is no interpreter named in the paragraph.

However, the form does not require the interpreter to read and explain the documents in question to the defendant. Instead, it provides that the documents can be read and explained to the defendant by either his attorney or an interpreter. By initially inciting the admonishments form, the defendant knowledge that his attorney had red and explained the admonishments to him in Spanish. The trial court is not error by failing to appoint an interpreter where the defense counsel’s capable of interpreting for him.

When accepted his guilty plea without sufficient evidence to substantiate his guilt. Your use of the record is devoid of any evidence of his guilt for the offenses with which is charged. A guilty plea does not authorize a felony conviction unless there sufficient evidence to support such a play in a judgment to be entered. The statements introduced sufficient evidence to support a conviction. One way wastes the state may satisfy its burden of proof is with a judicial confession. It is well-settled that a judicial confession, standing alone is sufficient to sustain a conviction of guilty plea. The evidence is sufficient if it embraces every essential element of the offense charged and establishes the defendant’s guilt. Do yourself a favor and hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

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