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A jury convicted the defendant of four counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. The jury assessed punishment eight years imprisonment and is $10,000 fine. On appeal, the defendant challenges the factual sufficiency of evidence to support his convictions. Here’s a summary the facts of this case. Because the Court of Criminal Appeals concludes that the evidence is sufficient to support the convictions, and the firm’s. However, because it concluded that the trial court misidentified the defense conviction for possession of marijuana for intent to distribute, modifies that judgment.

If you are wrongfully convicted and want to appeal, look for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has been praised for his legal analysis and writing skills. That’s important in an appeal case. That’s because appeals are done through written briefs. There’s no new evidence that is presented. Attorney Stephen Cale has been successful in appeal cases.

In February, officers from the Tulsa Police Department and Sheriff’s office responded to a call of an assault in progress. There’s a fighter the house located just outside the Glenpool city limits. Two officers arrived outside the house. One of them arrived shortly thereafter. He saw between 20/30 people in the street. There were also around the house. When the officers testified that he and another officer arrived at the same time. They spoke with the alleged victim of the assault.

The victim was one of the defendants cousins. He claimed that the defendant assaulted him. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will thoroughly cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses. The officer observed a large swollen and not a very around the victim’s eyes, face, neck. There were elongated red marks on his stomach that appeared to been made by a long, thin weapon. This might’ve been a pipe. The officer did not observe any injuries on the other person. After determining that the defendant’s injuries were consistent with the description of the assault, the officer arrested the defendant for assault. At trial, the victim testified that the fight occurred in the living room of the house.

At some point after the officers arrived at the house, the defendant informed someone that he thought someone had stolen his assault rifle. You need to hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa stopper. The officer was aware of numerous phone calls of to the police in the past regarding sense of automatic and fire coming from the house. He was concerned about the possibility that the defense rifle was in the house. He also testified that he asked the defendant if he could check inside the house to determine whether the rifles inside. The defendant gave him permission to search.

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Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale says that you should never consent to a search. The ulcer testified that he was escorted throughout the house by the defense girlfriend. The defense account situation different. He said that the officer told him that his rifle was missing but he did not give officer permission to search the house for it. He testified that the officer asked for permission that the he told the officer that he declined. He also testified that his girlfriend ever went to the house with the officer.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will tell you to never talk to police. Talking to the police will hurt you instead of helping you. You cannot trust the police to do what is right. They are looking to arrest people, not to determine the actual truth. One of crime you’ve been charged with you need to fight against it. According to the officer’s account, the defense girlfriend escorted him into the house and let him throughout the house. He testified that the house contain three bedrooms, living room, and the bathroom. It did not have a kitchen.

He did testify that the defense call for not to the funny to the bedrooms, stating that one bedrooms belonged to the victim. The other bedroom belonged to the defendant. Answer bedroom belong to a relative. As the officer what throughout the house, he observed narcotics. He also saw drug paraphernalia in plain view. In the living room he saw a bottle with no prescription label. It contained cough syrup with codeine. In the bedroom identified as a relative’s room, he saw a razor blade with white powder residue. There is also a prescription bottle was no label containing unknown white pills.

There’s also multiple models without prescription labels containing cough syrup attorney. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will fight hard to get evidence thrown out. This can be done through a series of pretrial motions. If the judge grants the motion, it’s likely let he or the prosecution will dismiss the case. Has because without sufficient evidence, the prosecution’s case is weak. To schedule your free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

Based on his observations, the officer secured the house and contacted another officer who worked in the narcotics task force. He informed him of the illegal substance found the house. Another officer testified that he was very familiar with the house at the time. He knew that the defendant lived there. When he arrived at the scene, you want to the house to confirm that the officers observations of illegal substances in the home. However, he went ahead and obtained a search warrant, which he and other officers executed.

In the bedroom identified as the relatives room, officers found the following items. Money in a shoot, money and another shoe, wristband wrapped around the plastic baggie in a bag containing a white, powdery substance.