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On appeal, the defendant argued concerning the search of. The prosecution argued that the seizure the phone was responded exception for search or warrants incident to arrest. The appellate court disagreed. While the defendant was cell phone when he was discovered, was not recovered until later. Allowing contemporaneous searches is justified by the need to seize weapons and other things that might be used to assault an officer. It’s also necessary to prevent the destruction of evidence of the crime. These justifications are absent where search is remote in time or place from the arrest.

In this case, the emergencies which give rise to exception for searches incident to arrest no longer apply to the file what was recovered. This is because the defendant already been arrested removed from the house. Therefore it Caesar cannot recently relied on. Next the appellate court looked at the special-needs exception for parolees. The prosecution rested the validity of the seizure on the defendant status as a parolee. For searches a probationers and parolees on the Supreme Court is embraced to exceptions to the warrant and probable cause requirements. The first is a special-needs exception. The second is the totality of the circumstances exception. Criminal defense attorney Tulsa Stephen Cale said that there is an exception to warrants for people who are on parole.

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The special-needs exception applies when special-needs, beyond the normal need for law enforcement, make the ward and probable karma impracticable. The context of a parolee, exception holds that supervision is a special need of the state makes a warrant requirement impracticable replacement of the standard of probable cause by reasonable grounds. This exception does not extend to non-correctional officers were acting under the direction of a parole officer. In this case, the residence once another agency obtain a search warrant.

Narcotics officers collected the cell phone during the civil. Given that the results was no longer the premises, defies reason to conclude that the officer sees the cell phone were acting of the direction of the parole officer. The entire special-needs light of exceptions is predicated on the existence of special-needs, beyond the normal need for long for. In labeling supervised release to such a special need, the reason that a warrant requirement would interfere with an appreciable degree with the probation system. This was set up a magistrate rather than the probation officers judge of how the class of supervision to the probationer requires.

As, the search of the defense residence of a later seizure of his cell phone was not conducted pursuant to the special need of parole enforcement and supervision. Not only had the original officer left, the officers and Artie arrested the defendant. At this point, the officer sees entirely for the passive using information on it as evidence at the defendants trial. It was not to be used for anything I didn’t fall like a special needs beyond the normal need for law enforcement. A special-needs search must serve as its immediate purpose something different than the ordinary evidence gathering associated with crime investigation. Consequently, the special-needs exception cannot be used to justify seizure in this case.

However, the defendant status we were also relevant for considering the totality of the circumstances exception to the warrant requirement. Next exception, which is predicated on the general fourth amendment reasonableness balancing, authorizes warrantless searches of the residence parolees without probable cause. Officers don’t even need reasonable suspicion this exception applies when the totality of the circumstances renders reasonable. Reasonableness is the touchstone of the fourth amendment. The appellate court will determine what is a is not not reasonable by Wayne the degree to which a search or seizure interest asked reasonable expectation of privacy against the degree to which the entry was necessary to a legitimate government interest. When the search or seizure targets an individual on parole, that individual status as a probation subject to a search condition informs both sides of the balance.

In the police side, the terms of a parolees parole allow officers to search is person or face with something less than probable cause, the parolees read much dictation a privacy is to lead to minutes. On the government side, the very assumption the institutional probation is that the probationer is more likely than the ordinary citizen to violate the law. The states interest never-ending violators of the criminal law thereby protect potential victims of criminal enterprise. When looking for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

Therefore, the totality of the circumstances surrounding the search renders a seizure that found reasonable under the fourth amendment in the parole, and therefore, the district court’s decision to deny the motion to suppress based on the season is a firm. As noted before, the ultimate touchstone of the fourth amendment is reasonableness. Where search is undertaken by law enforcement officials to discover evidence of wrongdoing, reasonableness generally requires the obtaining of a judicial warrant. A warrant, search is reasonable only if it falls within specific exceptions to the warrant requirement.

One of those exceptions is the Leon it good faith exception. In this instance, the court will decline to suppress the fruits of a search so long as the executing officer has a good faith belief that the warrant authorizing the search was valid. While there is several potential grounds for upholding the search in this instance, the court will ultimately predicateded ruling on it Leon good faith exception concluding the executing officers acted a reasonable reliance on the search warrant.