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Prosecutors charged the defendant with domestic abuse and rape. The jury found him guilty and set punishment at life imprisonment. The defendant appealed. Here’s a summary of the facts of the case. The defendant lived with his wife in the crotch apartment attached to his parents home. In January, the defendant told his wife that she had dreamt that she had sex with his nephew. Because the dream, a punisher of the next several days by beating her and throwing out knife at her. He injured her arm by doing this.

Did the things that are two degrees her helplessness. He held her captive the room for three days with the door padlock and the witness could show. He gave her no food or water and forced her to use a bucket and seven toilet. A couple days later she told him that she indeed had sex with his nephew. But she said this just to stop the punishment. She fabricated the details of the sexual encounter to match the details of the dream. The defendant, aroused by her story, rape her anally. He would never again have that’s all sex with her because someone else’s been there. He returned a manner three times that day and told her as she reported him to police, he would chop her to pieces with an ax.

While raping her, the defendant told her that he would never again have basil sex with her because someone else would been there. He returned in that manner three times that day. He told her of she report him to to police he would chop her into pieces with the max. A couple days later, the defendant allowed the woman to leave the garage with him solidify our tax return.

The defendant will use the tax return money to buy some old trucks. The woman one to buy reliable car. The defendant had priestly destroyed her car By kicking out the windows and damaging the dashboard. Only his wife file taxes because she was the only one working. Should work as a cashier the convenience store. However, the defendant made her quit her job in her employer said the defendant had to stop hanging out at the store. Other than times the wife had left the defendant to visit her family, the defendant was trial times in folder everywhere.

The defendant’s father drove the defendant and the wife to file the tax return. The wife did not tell the defendant’s father about the abuse because she believed telling would make things far worse for her. She just for that she believed that she told, the defendant would stab her right in the truck and the father would to nothing about it. The three of them went to a relative some to pick up the tax form. On the way, the defendant told the wife as she tried anything stupid they would stab her in everyone else with a knife he and his pocket.
The through them arrived throughout his home. The antibody the wife to the house but not the defendant. And notice that the wife’s face was Bruce going to talk to her alone. The wife refuse to come in the house because the defendant was behind her holding a knife to her back. They got a tax form of the defendant’s father drove them to the tax office. The defendant did not go inside because he was embarrassed about his wife’s face being bruised and swollen.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Domestic Assault Battery Case

What’s inside the billing, the wife has the tax preparer to call the police. The woman told the 911 dispatcher the telephone that the defendant had been heard stabbed her. She was afraid that he would kill her. She told the dispatcher that the defendant was in a black Ford pickup parked outside the office of a had a knife and threatened her with it. Police arrived at the office, arrested the defendant’s father. They discovered a pocketknife in the defendant’s pocket.

Before these events occurred, and the wife had reported to police that her husband’s former wife had assaulted her. Was the defendant was in custody, however, the wife told police that shed light about this incident. She said that the defendant for certain to make up the story. Before his relationship with his wife, the defendant had lived with his wife for nine years.

The couple consider themselves be, law married. They had two children together. That’s why testified at the fence trial about the abuse she suffered at her husband’s hands. It was the same kind inflicted upon by the current wife.’s wife testified that during her nine years with defendant, she in the defendant lived with his parents in the same garage. The ex-wife said that the defendant kiss her sleeping with his uncle and then locked in the garage apartment. He would not allow her to leave. During this period of confinement, the defendant violated assaulted her by slapping, punching, biting and hitting her with objects. The woman says she finally told the defendant that she slept with the uncle to get him to stop beating her.

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The defendant would not allow the woman to leave the room alone. He would even fall her to the bathroom. Defendant forced the woman to tell police that his uncle being raped her. Ultimately, she sought refuge in women shelter and cost charges to be filed against the defendant. Which left the shelter, however, the defendant forced her to recant her story to the police.

The woman testified that the defendant resumed his abuse after she left the shelter. She described an incident where he became so very he took her to the garage apartment and inserted a lighted cigarette enter Regina. Woman testified that the defendant told her he had done that because he did not want her to have’s sex ever without pain. The cerebrum (scars on the inside and outside of the woman.