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The defendant was convicted of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Although his conspiracy conviction was later vacated, is continuing criminal enterprise conviction was affirmed. The defendant had his sentence reduced. Yes for the district court further reduces a sentence based on amendment to the fair sentencing act. The district court dismissed the motion for lack of jurisdiction, concluding the reduction his hands were not be authorized under the act.

The court reviews the district court’s decision whether to reduce a sentence for an abuse of discretion. The district court’s decision involves a legal interpretation, the reviews de novo. In this instance, the district court concluded that the lacked statutory authority to reduce the sentence because the statute did not lower his advisory guideline range.

In another case, the defendant pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm. It previous convictions for possession of a controlled dangerous substance – marijuana with intent to distribute. Later the Supreme Court struck down one clause of the act’s definition of a violent felony. The active find a violent felonies and offense that has an element of the use of violence. The District Court concluded that the defendant still had three qualifying predicate offenses unaffected by the Johnson decision. In 1993 drug offense for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute was one of them. Another one was the burglary convictions. In rejected his argument that the drug offense was committed on the same occasion is the murder and assault offenses. In deciding the denial the motion for postconviction relief, the court will review the discourse finding for clear error and conclusions of law de novo. Where the district court is not an evidentiary hearing, the review is truly de novo.

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The defendant admitted that he burglarized a home with intent to commit assault, and also possessed marijuana. The district court concluded from the information guilty plea that the defendant possessed marijuana at the time separate from the burglary even though he is rest for both offenses on the same day. Offenses that are similar occur closely in time may constitute separate, predicate offenses when the defendant could have chosen it to stop is illegal conduct the continued nonetheless. To felonies committed on the same day were not committed on the same occasion. Offenses that occurred on the same day were prosecutor together may be considered separate offenses for enhancement purposes he was small difference in time or place distinguishes convictions for purposes of the act. For example, breaking into a shopping mall burglarizing three different businesses inside on one night or three separate and distinct offenses.

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In another case, the defendant on an airplane from a known seller for about hundred $30,000. The codefendant was present at the cell. The defendant directed the seller to make the bill sell out to a limited liability company. This by no they cannot operate airplane without doing so, the defendant did not register it with the FAA. A couple months later, the defendant serves the airplane and paid for with cash money orders. Later they bought a short takeoff and landing kit and paid cash for it. Pat an aircraft repair maintenance company installed a kid. Again they used aliases and paid for the installation with cash money orders.

A month later, the pair landed the airplane at an airport. Neither them and announce the airplanes tell number of the radio contact to the airport by radio before landing. This is not a requirement, but most pilots to set as matter of courtesy. The pair were also flying under visual flight rules, which allowed apply without filing a flight plan. Upon landing, they cover the airplanes window shades. Two today, whether, the codefendant was using the alias and asked to sleep overnight at the airport. When he was told they cannot, he had the plane refueled in the ice. He paid for the services and cash with $100 bills. He and the codefendant flew out the airport that night despite the weather.

Several months later, the pair again landed at the airport. They did not announce plans planes tell number of radio enough filed a flight plan. They mainly cover the plane’s windows upon landing. This time, however, the remove three large bags, including a duffel bag. The let the plane the hanger into the shuttle from the airport to a local hotel. When the driver the shall try to pick up a duffel bag, they would not let him touch it. Instead they allowed him to help with other banks. Once at the hotel, checked under a false name and paid for the room and cash. They mainly to the banks to the room, place the do not disturb sign on the door, and did not leave the room.

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