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A jury convicted the defendant of first-degree felony murder and the perpetration of aggravated sexual abuse. Evidence at trial showed that near midnight, the defendant knocked the door of his neighbor and told him that there was a woman his house was not reading. There into the house where the neighbor found the woman’s naked body on the floor, covered in blood. A later autopsy determined that she was likely killed by shovel that was forced into her Regina. The defendant was arrested at his home advised of his rights. You want a lawyer. He was then driven to the police department. An agent obtained a telephonic warrant to search the defendant’s home and his body. The word authorize photographing the defendant, taking is close for analysis, taking a blood sample for intoxication, and surrounding areas of his body for DNA testing.

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A couple hours later, the agent began asking the search of the defendant’s body in a police department college room. He was assisted by the chief of police. The leader the evidence response team and another member also assisted. The search, which took a little more than 50 minutes, was audio recorded. The record was later transcribed. During the search, the defendant may very statements, some of which were apparently in a foreign language the record contains no translation of those portions.

The solution on appeal is whether self-incrimination stamens by the defendant during the search of his person authorized by warrant were spontaneous, or were they the result of interrogation. In order to analyze the defendants claim, the appellate court had a quote in some detail the transcript of the conversation during the search of his person. The officer statements alleged that the defendant to constitute interrogation. The creatures the time that had elapsed during the search. As provided with portions that the appellate court records. The appellate court said that will distract from recording is that the defendant’s incriminating statements are scattered throughout, without any apparent connection to what is going on at the time. Additionally, the officers were focused on performing their search and rarely reacted any way to the defendant concerning his comments.

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The photography continued, when the chief reported to the defendant they had talk to the defendant’s mother, the defendant complained that the victim had done in his house. He said that the he was tired twice anyone to sleep. Then he asked for some water. The defendant moved to suppress his statements from this recording, arguing that they were the product of of unlawful interrogation. The district court overruled the objection stating that the defendant statements to excuse a search warrant for the defendant’s person were spontaneous and not the result of interrogation.

When an individual is subjected to custodial police interrogation request attorney, the interrogation must cease until an attorney is present. To interrogation refers not only to express questioning but also to me words or actions on the part of police that the plea should know originally likely to elicit an incriminating response from the suspect. This is an objective inquiry and focuses on the perceptions of the original person in the suspect’s position. It does not focus on the intent of the skating officer. Evidence obtained as a result of two custodial interrogations after person request an attorney must be suppressed. They stated given freely voluntarily without compelling influences is admissible in evidence.

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When reviewing the district court order denying motion suppress statements owner of the Fifth Amendment, the appellate court will look at the district court’s factual findings of list clearly who view the evidence in the light most favorable to the prosecution. Whether an official statement is an interrogation is a legal matter. The determination is whether police interrogation occurred it all depends on the totality of the circumstances. It utilizes a balancing analysis, considered amenable to the primary review. He determined the officer engaged in interrogation, whether suspect statements was his spontaneous is of factual finding. The conduct of the search was not in itself interrogation. Words or actions on the part of the police that are intended to arrest and custody or not an interrogation.

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