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A jury found the defendant guilty of possession of marijuana. The trial court assesses punishment at 15 years in prison for possession of cocaine in two years in prison for possession of marijuana. It ordered that the senses be run concurrently. On appeal, he challenges the sufficiency of evidence. Here’s a summary the facts the case. Get the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer whatever the cost.

In June, several detectives conducted surveillance of the apartment. They were doing this to investigate drug activity. The detective saw white man, they believed to be defendant, as of the apartment and drive away. The officers fall the car and their surveillance after the car turned onto a dirt road. That same day, another police detective arrested a man at the south location carry a quarter kilogram of cocaine. Shortly after that arrest, the detectives who adversely called the car to the apartment secured it. They were waiting for search warrant.

Obviously, this person should of had the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. The officer saw mailbox next to the apartment door with the defense team written on the inside. Although the Texas were waiting for the search were to arrive, the man had followed arrived in the Camaro. The detective approached the man investment defendant in the apartment. The detective was dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. The man replied they lived there, staying there sometimes with his roommate. When the detective items’s find himself as a police officer, the defendant became nervous. He recanted his prior statement saying that he did lived there.

The man then identified himself as defendant. The officer testified at trial that the defendant has a piece he was tried something. When asked why his name was on the mailbox the defendant replied they had bought a motorcycle in his name for that person. He did not respond to the questions regarding whether you receive mail at the address. The detectives also asked the defendant where the car was. The defense of they had no idea and that he was not driving it. He said that maybe his friend took it. After learning that the detectives had followed him, the defendant admitted that he been untruthful. However he stated that he was not talking about it may also business.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will tell you to never talk to police. The police are always try to make an arrest no matter what. The police arrest is of people all the time. They are thugs behind the badge. There are some good police officers out there, but is very rare. The only thing they should tell polices that you want a lawyer.

After more police detectives arrived with a search warrant, they entered the apartment and found a small amount of marijuana on the coffee table. Ghost your paper bearing the name of the defendant. The detectives arrested him for possession of marijuana. Later, the detective searched his car and found more than $200,000 in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. The fence will contain additional $4000 in cash. The risk thousand dollars in his pocket. Police did not find any drugs in the vehicle or the defense person.

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Client move to somewhere else to do it should. Police also found a scale the kitchen drawer. From papers found in two bedrooms, the detectives conclude that one bedroom belong to somebody else in the other to the defendant. The defense bedroom, police seized the scale and a refund check made out to him. The closet of the same bedroom, police seized a large amount cocaine found in the pocket of a hanging chart. He also found nearly 2 pounds of marijuana hidden inside a suitcase. There’s also a portfolio fall the found in a plastic shelving unit.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will fight hard to get evidence thrown out. Typically this is done when police conducted an illegal search or or arrest. Police do the stupid stuff all the time. They think they could just get away with it. But they’re not going get away with it with attorney Stephen Cale fighting against them. If you’ve been charged with a drug crime or any crime, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale.

Prosecutors charged the defendant with possession of marijuana and cocaine. At trial, the state presented to recorded gel cause between the defendant and members of his family. During the first call, the defendant asked his father to retrieve his belongings from his apartment. Until his father to take everything in the guest bedroom and the closet. This included the bag, clothes, shoes, and two cases. Defendant also asked him to retrieve his clothes from the communal washer and dryer. The defendant also wanted his laptop computer and designer sunglasses.

Defendant further questioning his father look in the mailbox to make sure there’s no mail in there with his name on them. The next day, and another recorded gel call, the defendant’s father informed him that he only found that you of the fence things in the apartment. The two men concluded that the police must of sees the missing items. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will tell you to not talk to the bay about-face concerning your case. Especially concerns phone calls made from jail. Those phone calls are always recorded. They can be used against you.

In discussing whether the defendant’s father should try to retrieve the items from the police, the defendant said that the police one in the try to claim that stuff. The court charge the jury on the offenses alleged in the charges. It also instructed them on the lesser included offense of possession of cocaine without the intent to deliver. The jury, the defendant guilty of possession of marijuana in the lesser included offense of possession of cocaine.