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The defendant pleaded guilty to possession of counterfeit obligations. Sears or the right to appeal the denial of the motion to suppress evidence sees during the execution of the state search warrant for marijuana. The solution this time appeals whether or not conducting a preliminary hearing the court erred in denying her from a hearing. The basis or Clinton era the search warrant affiants omission from his statement of probable cause. The fact that her boyfriend had a valid medical marijuana card under Nevada law. This fact she told the affiant before the war was procured. Look for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. And for your cannabis consulting needs, go to

Under Nevada law, this car permitted the defendant’s boyfriend possess marijuana legally. We must decide whether the conclusion of the warrant affidavit of this fact would have to gate a finding of probable cause to search the residence. In one case the court determined that no hearing was require because, even considering the amended information, the war demonstrate probable cause to search the residence for drug activity. The question whether not the missions were materials and mixed question of law in fact. A search warrant at issue was for marijuana allegedly possessed by the defendant in your house.

If you attorney concerning medical marijuana, look for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. It also concerned car in violation of Nevada statutes. The nucleus of facts in which, relies for probable cause began with a tip from an informant. The amount relied on this to for probable cause to believe that defendant possessed marijuana is alleged in the warrant. Informant said that the defendant was selling marijuana from a residence, which the informant identified by to dress.

If I have encountered the defendant at the residence during a car back license plate and registration along attendant car. She acknowledged the fictitious nature the plates and registration. According to the affidavit, when asked about marijuana she admitted to having marijuana with her car in her residence. Through the course hearing, the court also considered for police report the defendant offered in support of her motion. His police report, the affiant stated that when asked, the defendant admitted to possessing an eighth of an ounce of marijuana or vehicle. The defendant also admitted to possessing a small amount of marijuana in a residence. The fire reported that she he asked her if she also was a marijuana patient, and she replied that she was not.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will tell you to never talk to the police. You are under no legal obligation to talk to them. Talking to the police cannot help you. It will only hurt you. To police will use cricket tactics teach you to make a confession for a crime that you did not commit. They will also scare you into thinking that your committing obstruction of justice if you don’t talk to them. Tell them that you want a lawyer.

The district court concluded the basis of a finding of fact that the defendant’s boyfriend legal marijuana card was not material. That’s because defendant herself admitted that she had marijuana car in the residence. Therefore, even if affiant had stated that the defendant’s boyfriend medical marijuana card, the defendant herself admitted to possession of marijuana. Additionally, she denied having a valid card permitting her to possess it. The district court’s findings fully supported by the evidentiary record.

The clearly erroneous dinner derives from the role procedure. It provides that findings of fact in an action tried with the jury must not be set aside a list clearly erroneous. The defendant did not say they possessed the marijuana or anything to that effect. She did not see her boyfriend possess marijuana. The District Court held as a fact that she said that she did. During the hearing should not submit any evidence to the District Court the contradicted the affiants written presentation a statement to them.

The court rejected the actual agreement that her mission should been interpreted by the affiant to mean only that marijuana was in her house. She me to say that with the court rejected her attorney’s fact-based argument that whatever the defendant said suggests only that she was in constructive possession of marijuana. Also she committed the presence or vicinity of marijuana possessed by registered user. If you’re facing charges related to medical marijuana, look for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. For free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800.

Furthermore, during the hearing, defense counsel conceded that her claim had marijuana in the car. He also conceded that there is probable cause to search. As a court used, then admitted possession so confirmed inculpatory information from the informant that she personally possess marijuana. If or omission in the information from in the informant conceal he created probable cause to search the car. The court fails to see how one considered with the rest of the information he did not create sufficient probable cause also to search the house.

Basically, anyone facing charges related to medical marijuana needs the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer. For aggressive and experienced criminal defense, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Attorney Stephen Cale has been serving clients for 20 years. Plus, he’s the right kind of attorney for your case because he dedicates his practice to criminal defense. Attorney Cale is a member of the national legal committee for NORML. He is passionate about serving people with legal needs related to cannabis, medical marijuana, the recreational marijuana.

Basically, whether Nevada law does is it protects a person who has a medical car. Another person is found in the presence of it, they are protected that not offend their possession of it. If there possession of marijuana, medical card is not the under Nevada law to protect them from prosecution.