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A Highway Patrol trooper stopped the defendant for speeding while on a trip. Based answers that you questions, the trooper asked to search the car for drugs. After the woman refused, the trooper called for assistance from a K-9 unit officer to conduct a drug sniff. The ensuing to our search yielded no drugs. Failed to her passengers phone a lawsuit against the trooper, alleging, met appellant claims, the trooper unlawfully search the car in violation of the fourth amendment.

To determine whether not the trooper conducted an unlawful search, there is a two-part inquiry. First, the court will ask whether the officer had probable cause to search the property. The court concludes the probable cause was lacking, then it will determine whether the person’s rights were clearly established. The court will approach by asking where the officers are able he had probable cause. Argument probable cause exists with is a reasonable officer in the same circumstance with the same knowledge and possession same knowledge is the officer in question could have reasonably believe that probable cause existed in light of well-established law.

A search of the vehicle without probable cause violates the fourth amendment. Probable cause to search vehicles established if, under the totality of circumstances, there’s a fair probability that the car contains contraband or evidence. A police officer has probable cause to conduct a search when the facts available to him would warrant a person of reasonable caution in the belief that contraband or evidence of the crimes present. Probable cause does not require the suspects guilt be more likely true than false. Instead, the relevant question is whether a substantial probability exist that the suspect committed the crime. This requires something more than beer suspicion.

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A police officer has public cause to search when the facts available to would warrant a person of reasonable caution in the belief that contraband or evidence is present. Officers must consider the totality of the evidence known to them when considering probable cause. In cases where they have both inculpatory next door evidence, they must not ignore the exculpatory evidence in order to find probable cause. A drug dog sniff outside the car during a lawful traffic stop is not a search. A dog sniff of the exterior the vehicle parked in a public space does not require reasonable suspicion because it’s not a fourth amendment intrusion.

Exterior sniff, therefore, does not require showing of probable cause. A positive alert by drug dog is generally enough by itself to give officers probable cause to search the vehicle. The question is whether all the facts around the dogs alert, view to the lens the common sense, would make a reasonable prudent person think that a search would reveal contraband or evidence of the crime. A sniff is up to snuff that meets that test.

On the other hand, officers cannot rely on the dogs alert to establish probable cause that the officers of an part of the vehicle so the dog me into the vehicle or otherwise facilitated century. There’s no constitutional violation where the dogs leap into the car based on instinct. It’s also not a violation where the officers did not asked the driver to open up the point of entry such as a hatchback your window used by the dog. Dogs jump into the car through the door officers opened and were evidence indicated desire to facilitate the dogs entrance into the interior violated the fourth amendment.

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If a fourth amendment violation for nine the Connex detection dog to jump into a car because something the police did, like train the dog to jump into cars. But no violation occurs as long as a K-9 enters the vehicle on its own initiative and neither is encouraged or place into the vehicle by law enforcement. Where there is evidence that is not the driver by the officers who created the opportunity for drug dog to go with the officer himself cannot go, the fourth amendment protects the driver’s right to privacy to the interior compartment until the dog alerts from the exterior the car.

Police conducted an illegal search or officers opened the doors of the van contact the dog off its leash near the open door, and allow the dog to jump into the van of the open door and sniff of the interior. Agent striking the defendant unlock the rear doors without asking for consent to search and then entering the trailer with the drug-sniffing dog to be an unconstitutional search. Though unconstitutional search occurs where defendant opened the window without any verbal order request in the orders from the officer to keep the windows open. A dog jumping through an already open driver’s window was not an unconstitutional search. This is true even though the dog had a known habit of jumping into open car windows. Without any evidence that police train the dog to jump into vehicles or did something to encourage a job.

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