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A jury convicted the defendant of forcibly opposing an officer. The judge sentenced him to 72 months in prison, followed by 36 months of supervised release. The case arose out of the roadside probably between the defendant and the federal law enforcement officer. The officer in his K-9 partner was driving home when they happened upon a red SUV parked on the side of the road. The officer decided to stop, pulling on the Blazer. He engaged his truck side spotlight, exited, and approached the SUV.

The defendant was seated in the front passenger seat. His girlfriend at the time was in the driver seat. That morning, the defendant’s girlfriend takes 3 to 5 hits of methamphetamine then drove from their home to pick up the defendants motorcycle. When they arrived, they bought hundred dollars worth of heroin, some of which they mainly spoke to the downtown parking lot. Eventually, they got something to eat and then spent a couple of hours of music store before setting off for the trip back home. On the way hotel, they stopped at an area to it can use drugs.

The girl from pulled out a sheet of marijuana start smoking it. She believed that the defendant partook. Next, she crescent meant that amino mere snorted with a tutor or roll the proceed. She had the tenor to the defendant, who was about to start when the officer pulled up behind them. The girlfriend attempted to hide the drug paraphernalia. But her efforts were to no avail. About two hours later, after investigating questioning, the officer wrote drug possession citations for both of them. Believing that the defendant was sober enough to drive back home, the officer told him that there were free to go. At trial, the officer testified that he wanted out there at that point. The defense erratic behavior worried him.

The officer testified that the defendant appeared while died was a real direct gaze about them. The officer said he was getting concerned about his demeanor towards in. When the officer attempted to and him the citation. The defendant just stared into the officer’s eyes. But the SUVs engine would not start. So the girlfriend is the officer that he would be willing to use his patrol truck to jumpstart it. Not wanting to leave him stranded, the officer agreed.

The defendant exited from the driver’s seat, put on a jacket, and treated jumper cables from the back the Blazer. That concern the officer because the trooper Carol seem like a good weapon. He was also concerned that the defendant may have put on a leather jacket for purposes of protecting himself in the event of apply. Despite that, they succeeded in #the Blazer without incident. The ulcer detached the jumper cables with a better and started returned his patrol truck. The ulcer felt threatened and deployed his K-9.

The officer testified that the canine merely came to his side. The defendant made some comments about the dog. At this time, the girlfriend exited the SUV or should be setting. She asked the defendant to return to the car. According to the officer, the dog responded by repositioning himself in between the officer and the couple. The defendant then reached out quickly grabbed the canines caller twisting it and causing the doctor scream in pain.

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Eventually, the officer tased the defendant. The girlfriend testified that she witnessed the defendant’s interactions with the dog and that he did not touch the caller. She also testified that defendant was tased by the officer before he was but by the dog. The defendant uses the Taser against the officer. The officer committed the stock to buy and hold the defendant again. A paramedic testified that she was sent to respond to the officer but they refuse treatment. She did not see any obvious signs or physical injuries.

Less than a week after the incident, Oscars chars the defendant with assault and federal officer, harming a law enforcement animal, and possession of methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana. The jury convicted the defendant of those charges. At trial, the parties disagree on two issues regarding jury instructions. First was whether unanimity was required to show that the offense was committed. That is to say, whether the defendant behaved in such a way as to assault, resist, pose, or impede with the officer. The district court sided with the defendant and instructed the jury that would need to be unanimous. This requester instructions elsewhere defined forcible salt and intentional attempt or threat to inflict injury upon someone else.

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If you’ve been charged with a serious crime, you need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Where a particular objection to the jury instruction was not raised below, the appellate court will review for plain error. Under the plain error test, a conviction can be reversed only if an error occurred and it was plain. Additionally, the error must affect the defendant substantial rights. It also seriously affects the fairness, integrity, or public reputation of a judicial proceeding.

This case forces the court to consider the scope of the invited error doctrine. The invited error doctrine prevents a party and this is erroneous relief from being able to have a set aside on appeal. Is based on reliance interest similar to those that support the doctrine of equitable of promissory estoppel. Having just a court rely on a particular right his proposition of law, in fact, the party may not a later stage use the air to set aside the consequences.