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The prosecution opposed defendant’s motion in limine. It argued that all evidence except his co-conspirators prior conviction was interesting to the charge crimes of drug trafficking. Based on the two landings, the director of aviation report of suspicious activities of the defendant to the police department. The officer can to the airport where he observed the airplane hangar. The plane did not contain a registration sticker. However, have what appeared to be an aftermarket hatch installed on the other side. The officer deployed the truck dog around the plane, and it alerted. It ain’t wars to search the plane hotel room for drugs and drug paraphernalia. The search for drugs come up short both in the plane in the hotel room. However, the detective ceased over the court of nine dollars in cash and three pay driver’s licenses containing those is photograph the hotel room.

A judge to the motion to sever under advisement. He predicted the motion would be denied, stated will likely be denied. As to the motion in limine, he credit the defendants a continuing objection but agree with the prosecution that although the Council conspirator prior conviction cannot be receipt of evidence of the defendant skilled. It was immiscible for the limited purpose of showing his planning, motive, and intent. With respect to the remaining evidence are to be excluded, he concluded was not evidence because each item was intertwined with the charged crimes. Five days later the co-conspirator pled guilty pursuant to a plea agreement. The terms of the agreement were not revealed on the record.

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The defendant later pled guilty to aiding and abetting. Under the’s plea agreement, the parties agree to a maximum sentence of three years probation. The plea was conditional and so reserve the right to appeal from an adverse determination. He agreed to forfeit any interest in the airplane. The judge sentenced him to three years of supervised probation. On appeal, the defendant argued that denying his motion to set of the trial was wrong. The appellate court reviews the denial the motion to sever for an abuse of discretion. The prosecution argued that the motion to sever became moot upon the court’s acceptance of the defendant’s guilty plea.

In another case, the defendant was a participant in the truck trafficking operation of transported and distributed methamphetamine from Arizona to Tulsa. The defendant asserted that sentencing that he was a minor participant in the illegal drug operation. He requested an adjustment to the sentence. On appeal, the defendant argued that the district court erroneously compared his role two different call minor role participants. Police stopped the defendant for a traffic violation in July during which the police found drug proceeds test the secret compartment car. The defendant had been selected and recommended to the head of the organization the new driver name Ruben. This was to take over the operations drug in cash carrier. The defendant provided this person with the necessary information to transfer the drugs and cash to and from Tulsa.

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The defendant also participated to marijuana growing industry petition operations. It or the organization agreed to give the defendant half of marijuana cell proceeds. The defendant drove illegal aliens, had been smuggled into Arizona from Mexico. He does this sort of slave laborers of marijuana feels. The defendant try the illegal aliens from Arizona to Tulsa and brought them food and water at the grossly. He also transportation the marijuana seeds from Mexico provided supplies to marijuana grow operations. Law enforcement agent testified at the sentencing that appear the defendant had knowledge of the methods and tradecraft used across illegal aliens from Mexico to the United States.

The defendant frequently spoke with the head of the organization. They discuss topics related to smuggling the illegal aliens. He also talked about obtaining the marijuana fertilizer and concerns about being seen by police. The defendant took the card to a friend Sharmila be outfitted to transport the drugs and cash. The friend asked the defendant to rent a car and determine if it be outfitted as a carrier car. On one occasion, the friend gave the defendant $500 because he was out of money. The defendant drove a vehicle containing cash drug proceeds from his Phoenix home and left it at another residence.

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The District Court may only one brief reference to typical curries and truck conspiracies. Stated that in many truck conspiracies, drug couriers are totally walled off from contact with top members of the organization. They never meet or talk with top organizers and typically do not even know their names. Instead, they are simply paid a small amount of money to drive back and forth. The district court did contrast this typical contact with of the defendant. The defendant had a significant direct contact with the leader met with co-conspirators. The primary focus of the District Court’s entire discussion with an analysis was a detailed comparison of the defense role with that of other participants in this criminal activity. The District Court is custom built of culpability of other petitions in this activity related to the defense role.