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Have you been charged with lewd molestation? Don’t hire just any Tulsa sex crimes attorney. You need the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. For aggressive, skilled, and experienced criminal defense, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has been practicing for 20 years and dedicates his work to criminal defense.

Prosecutors charged the defendant with lewd molestation for fence occurring in 2016. On October evening, the defendant was visiting his brother and his grandson was also visiting that night. The boy was eight years old at the time he lived there is grandparents. The point his grandfather really watch wrestling on television on Thursday nights. The boy would severance grandparents home. On October 19, the child’s grandmother put him to bed around 9 PM. Shortly thereafter, both grandparents went to bed.

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Around 11 o’clock at night, the child will look his grandmother and announce the one to go home. He was fully dressed and had his knapsack packed. He seemed nervous but did not say anything to his grandmother. She drove him home around 11:15 PM. The child’s mother worked in early morning shows. When she returned from work early that afternoon, she asked him why you decide to go home the previous night. She was not permitted to provide hearsay testimony concerning this conversation. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will thoroughly cross-examine a child witness. This is to undermine the child’s credibility and to point out inconsistencies.

An experienced Tulsa sex crimes attorney will highlight the unreliability of the prosecution’s witness. This is to create reasonable doubt. The more reasonable doubt that can be created, the more likely a jury will find the defendant not guilty. A not guilty verdict is deathly what you’re looking for if accused of lewd molestation. Your life and reputation are at stake.

The mother did testify about this to explained that the conversation caused her to report the matter to law enforcement. On the Monday following these events, a worker with the Oklahoma Department of human services interviewed the child. She had prior training experience and interview children reported sexual abuse. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer will thoroughly cross-examine DHS workers. Attorney Stephen Cale of the Cale law office has successfully fought against DHS for numerous years.

The child told her that he woke up during the night at his grandparents house. His uncle Ron was running his bottom. The child explained that his uncle insert his finger into the child’s bottom, but did not specify that the defendant insert his finger into his heinous. The child claim that his uncle told him not to report the incident anyone. A medical examination form at the time investigation to not reveal any physical evidence of sexual abuse. This is a critical fact to point out concerning a lewd molestation charge.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Bold Strategy

The child was nine years old time the trial. After lengthy examination to determine his compensate, the trial court allowed the child to testify. His testimony was consistent with the information he had priestly provided the DHS worker. The defendant may no incriminating statements. He did not testify trial. Therefore, the statements made by the child at the time of the alleges that plus his testimony the trial of the primary evidence against the defendant for lewd molestation. The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney fights hard against DHS.

To strengthen the testimony from the child, the state sought to introduce evidence concerning a prior act. Have been testified that the defendant repeatedly molested him. When he was a child and lives in Pennsylvania, the defendant worked with the man’s father in a factory. The defendant often spent time with the family. In 1986, when the man was 12 years old, the defendant went on a hunting trip with the man and his father. The first on the trip, the then boy awoke to find the defendant pressing his penis against him and touching him under his unaware. The best Tulsa sex crimes attorney one have fought hard to get this evidence thrown out.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has offer will fight hard to get evidence thrown out. This can be done through a series of pretrial motions. One of them is a motion in limine. It’s based on legal grounds. The other is a motion to suppress. It’s also based on the grounds but deals mainly with illegally obtained evidence. These pretrial motions, if granted, could force the state or the court to dismiss the charge. This is just one of things that he the best Tulsa sex crimes attorney will do.

The defendant had been drinking prior to this event, the Memphis to the way he went back to sleep. Later that same night, the defendant returned a continued the lewd molestation until sometime past. They testified that several months later, similar conduct occurred as families farm. Again, this conduct occurred after the defendant had been drinking. On this occasion, the defendant attempted to penetrate the man with his penis.

The man does not recall defendant following his bottom. Within a few months, similar conduct occurred with a man was at the defendant’s house. Finally, on two more cases, the defendant assaulted the man while he was sleeping in a bedroom. One of these occasions, the man believe that the defendant penetrated him committing lewd molestation. On both of these occasions, the defendant was a guest statement or not a known. By the final occurrence, the man was 14 years old. A Tulsa sex crimes attorney would undermine the credibility of this witness.

With Tulsa criminal defense attorney Stephen Cale, you will spend tens of thousands of dollars for him to fight against your lewd molestation charge. But isn’t that what you’d expect when you hire the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer? For your free initial consultation, call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Attorney Cale has been practicing for 20 years and dedicates his practice to criminal defense. That’s a huge benefit for his clients. Focus and experience matter when your life is on the line. Attorney Stephen Cale fights hard for his clients because he knows that their life, liberty, future, and reputation are at stake. You need an aggressive Tulsa sex crimes attorney.