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The defendant was charged with driving while intoxicated. He pleaded guilty to a jury convicted him is charged. The trial court since the defendant to 90 days in jail the defendant appealed asserting various issues. Here’s a summary the case. In the early morning hours of August, a Claremore police officer saw the defendant polemic a station to drive the wrong way of the service room. He merely pulled car over. The officer testified that when he approached the defendant, he noticed she had heavy, watery eyes, there’s a strong order of an alkaline beverage come from the defendant. We asked the defendant should be taken, she told the should consume wondering.

A backup officer also noticed a owner of alcohol. The defendant told him that she had come from a pub. She believes that issues and house rather than Claremore. The defendant told the sufficient to drinks, have applied to the full pint of whiskey and ginger ale. The ulcer minister to standard field sobriety test in the defendant perform poorly. She should all six possible clues of the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. This was will over the decision point for four close indicate intoxication.

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Tulsa elderly stopped is because he was afraid the defendant would hurt yourself. Finally, one leg stand test, the showed to clues, the decision point for intoxication. The officer and then arrested the defendant place in the backseat of his patrol car. Being transported to the jail, the defendant slipped down across vaccine of falsely.

Upon arrival at the jail, the officer had to assess the defendant held the patrol car. The officer testified that the entire car smelled of alcohol. The defendant almost fell getting of the car. The ulcer had placed his hands or shoulders to guide her into the building. Once he got into the Intoxilyzer room, the officer noted that the defendant had glassy, bloodshot eyes. She also had slurred speech and leaned against the wall or table to set yourself.

The defendant agreed to take him breath test the victim was able to divide to sufficient principles. The results of the Intoxilyzer tests were not introduce during the state’s case in chief. The defendant asserted in opening statement after the state rested its case. During opening statement, the defense counsel to the jury that the defendant gone to a public play pull with friend. He said two men purchased drink for the defendant is something must been placed in a dream because her not been a normal state of mind.

Explained that the defendant in a memory of anything that happened at the time that she said that check until she woke up the next morning in jail. During the presentation the case, the defendant recalled all three police officers and the solicited testifying the summer. We been unusual. Shot to the standard defense. Testified that she was a helicopter pilot include a proximally six days a week. She testified that the FAA guidelines not permit of the pond file under the influence of alcohol. Appellant pilot cannot have consume alcohol within eight hours before apply.

In rebuttal, stakeholder technical supplies are. She explained help Intoxilyzer is for works verify that it was a purple the night of the fence breath test. The expert also testified that he talks letters test only for ethanol, a type of alcohol that is most widely consent. The defense proves concentration test in the high level. The expert testified that hundred 30 pound female would’ve had one consume 6 to 9 standard alcohol drinks to have an alcohol concentration level. She also testified that the Intoxilyzer does not test for drugs of any sort does not show the presence or absence of a date rape drug.

If you’re looking for the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer, then call the Cale Law Office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale. Attorney Cale has nearly 20 years of experience. Plus he has the right kind of experience because he focuses his practice on criminal defense. Clients give him high reviews.

Defendant argued that the trial court should have allowed her to present testimony regarding her drinking habits to the jury. The trial court abuses its discretion only if it’s decision is so clearly wrong is to lie outside the zone with the wind rich reasonable people might disagree. The trial court’s decision is raise was support by the record incorrect 23 of law applicable to the case, the appeals court will uphold the decision. The defendant contended that testimony regarding attorney habits was pertinent character trait to support a defense theory. She argued that had she not been turned by a date rape drug or some of drugs, she would not normally entered their vehicle and driving while intoxicated.

The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer knows that character evidence generally is not immiscible to show that person acted in conformity with character trait on a particular occasion. However, the accused is allowed to this evidence of a specific a character trait to show that is improbable that she committed the offense charged with a character trait is relevant to the offense. Evidence of persons having his relevant to prove that the continent person particular occasion was in conformity with habit. Evidence of having character sometimes appear similar. While character is a general description of a person’s disposition, have a describes persons are in response to repeated specific situation.