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At the end of the traffic stop, trooper detained the defendants of the drug docket sniff around the defendant’s truck. If the dog alerted, troopers searched the truck and seized a large amount of money from a small amount of marijuana. Although the defendant was never charged with a federal crime, the government filed a forfeiture complaint against the currency. As part of the forfeiture proceeding, the defendant filed a motion to suppress, challenging the reasonableness of his attention proceeding the search of his truck. After hearing, the district court denied the motion to suppress.

On appeal, all panel members agreed that the initial stop is justified in its inception. The two judges postponement to reverse the district court’s order denying the suppression. One judge reason that the original suspicion of a registration offenses, such as expired, fake, or stolen license plate, dissipated when the trooper learned person learned that the state additions plate and his registration within two weeks.Houses of the original suspicion that the truck was stolen dissipated when the driver had of the trooper his original motor vehicle title receipt. Although the judge agreed with the Chief Judge that the trooper had original suspicion of illegal drug activity by the of the stop, the judge reason that the government cannot rely on the key facts just illegal drug activity.

This is because the trooper learned of those facts after the defendant was entitled to be release. The judge reason the original suspicion continued up to the point that the trooper returned to the driving documents and told defendant was free to leave. Another judge reason that the trooper lacked original suspicion of illegal drug activity before continuing to detain the defendant in order to deploy the drug dog.

This case turns on whether an officer conducting a traffic stop maintain original suspicion of criminal activity throughout his investigation of a cooperative, if objecting, citizen. The trooper process original suspicion to detaining the driver in his patrol car for 60 minutes for investigative possible registration violation. The notified response to the troopers registration inquiry testified initial traffic stop. The question, then, is whether the fourth amendment force the trooper the leeway to confirm or deny his registration suspicions as he did plea. The risk of evidence employed to be the least a difference means reasonable to verify or dispel the ulcer suspicion in a short period of time. As a Supreme Court is may clear, that statement was directed that the length of investment of stop, not of whether the police have less intrusive means to verify their suspicions before stopping the driver.

The reasonableness of an officer’s decision to stop the suspect is not turn on the availability of pleasantries of investigative techniques. Such a rolled be unduly hamper the places ability to mix with, on the spot decisions. Additionally would require the courts to indulge in unrealistic second-guessing. Once the trooper received a bottle fall return from computerized records search, it was reasonable for him to initiate stop. The trooper have the right to investigate orally his suspicion that the defendant was violating registration laws. It was therefore reasonable for the trooper to request driver’s license and registration, have dispatcher a computer check on those materials, issued any citations or warnings is appropriate.

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The appellate court found it was reasonable for the trooper to detain the defendant for a mere 60 minutes before he completed the registration investigation. Although there was nothing reasonable about the way the trooper investigated the possible registration violation, that is not the end of inquiry. This is because even as the trooper conceded, it soon became clear that the suspicion satisfy the stop anticipated. The trooper mandated by violation and believe that the vehicle belong to him and they had the proper paperwork. All that realization did not vitiate the lawfulness of the stop, did require the trooper to release the defendant at the time it was he had acquired a new an independent basis for reasonably suspecting that the defendant was engaged in criminal activity.

Was the concern that justify the initial stop is dispelled, further detention will violate the fourth amendment unless the additional detention is supported by original suspicion of criminal activity. No one is a recent trooper failed to release the defendant. There is also noticed a friend that the defendant refused consent to his further detention. As such, despite the question is whether the troopers 60 minute registration investigation killed the additional reasonable suspicion assert to extend the traffic stop on its initial purpose. The District Court held that it did. It concluded that the totality of the circumstances of the trooper to respond suspect that the defendant was trafficking drugs.

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The court has long recognized that vague suspicion in a particular rice hunch is based on indicators so innocent or susceptible to varying interpretation is to be innocuous cannot justify prolonged traffic stop or vehicle search reasonable suspicion must be reasonable. For example, the presence of his cell phone charging does not make it more or less likely that individuals trafficking drugs.