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The defendant represented himself at trial. The jury found him guilty and six counts of making a false statement to influence a federally insured bank. The judge sentenced him to 63 months in prison. The defendant formally served as a general manager of the company. Part of the company’s business plan and Paul processing credit card payments for items that customers purchase online. The processes payments, the company needed what’s called a merchant account. This is a type of business account that allows businesses to accept process credit and data card transactions.

Wells Fargo Bay begin processing must become his credit card transactions. However, the defendant kept on getting chargebacks on his accounts. As a result of the scheme, the government charged the defendant making post statements for the purpose of influencing the bank. The defendant represented himself. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you don’t want to represent yourself. You want the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer. Call the Cale law office at 918-277-4800. Schedule your free initial consultation with attorney Stephen Cale.

After the defendant was charged with being a felon the possession of a firearm he moved to suppress evidence against him. The district court denied the motion suppress. The defendant appealed. Here’s a summary the case.

The defendant’s girlfriend called 911 report that she was concerned about defense welfare. A placed his dispatcher from the officers on patrol the call. Patrol officer determined that the person should spoke with was girlfriend shall select those outstanding warrant for the fence arrest on this matter charge. Because she driven some distance from the residence and because the war was only for misdemeanor, the officer decided not to return to execute the war.

When week later an officer was on patrol noticed a suspicious pickup truck. The truck contained a pastor holding a large television. Given that there were number of residential burglaries and theft in the neighborhood, simply the television my been stolen. After officers ran the license plate on the truck determine the owner, the suspect the truck might be headed for love upon shock. The police dispatcher said that officer in one of her colleagues to the pawnshop informed them of the background facts.

Upon arriving at the pawnshop, the officer recognized the defendant from encounter week earlier. After brief conversation, the officer informed Coley that there was a warrant out for the defendants arrest. The officers call event and The defendant. The defendant then told the officers that he was armed. At this point in officer removed a pistol from the defense pocket. The officer then verify the status of the warrant.

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The defendant to suppress the evidence of his arrest, including the far upon his pocket. The district court denied the motion in a written order. The defendant entered a conditional planner the reserved his right to appeal. Defendant claimed that the evidence against him should been thrown out.

The fourth amendment protects the right of people to be secure the persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Consistent with the fourth amendment, police officer can only make an arrest at the officer has probable cause. Probable cause is present when facts and circumstances within the officer’s knowledge or sufficient to war to prudent person, or one of reasonable caution, and bleeding in the circumstances shown, it’s a suspect is committed, is committing, or is about to commit defense. Probable cause is a flexible, commonsense standard that does not demand showing that such belief be correct or my more likely true than false.

The defendant argued that the officer did not have probable cause to arrest because, even though the officer knew there been warrant for him, the officer did not confirm that the war was still active. The defense view, it was theoretically possible they could been arrested on the war, process, and released on bonded a week since the officer less encountered him. He also argued that the warrant could been quashed withdrawn.

In another case, the FBI agent learned that there was a warrant out for a person’s arrest on murder charges. The officer did not make arrest at the time the check the computer system to verify the warrant. The months later, the officer received a tip that the person was eating a restaurant in Washington DC. The FBI agent and two other officers arrived at the restaurant arrest the man on murder. None of them had recently checked whether the war was still active. The court held that he cannot conclude that the passage of 11 months so diminish the believe that there was a warrant for the person’s arrests so as to reduce a below the level probable cause.

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The appeals court held that was possible the but warning been quashed withdrawn, it was reasonable for arresting officers way that the warrant, finding of probable cause remain valid. There were still many theoretical possibilities allowing the defendant to be lawfully free. This was despite the existence of the warrant letter months earlier. For example, could been that defendant could post bond if you’ve been arrested. Additionally, the state to withdraw the warrant. Alternately the most likely scenario the moment the officer’s encounter was the defendant never been arrested.