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The defendant was a passenger in a car he’s writing in with a friend. Trooper saw the car heading east among a group of four or five cars traveling at about the posted speed limit. The trooper turned his pro car out of fall the script cars. As the trooper proceeded in the left lane, gaining ground on the group of cars, he saw the friend in the left lane to pass another vehicle. The trooper observed that the white car pulled back into the right lane while he was still too close to the vehicle being passed. The trooper stopped the vehicle for unsafe passing.

During the stop, the friend provide the trooper with a valid Indiana driver’s license and signed rental agreement for the car. The explained that he and the defendant had been to Las Vegas for a few days and returning home to Indianapolis. The trooper said that the two appeared unusually nervous. The trooper returned his patrol car to review the driver’s license a car rental agreement. The rental agreement indicated that friend a in the car in Las Vegas on the previous day. He was scheduled to return the car to Las Vegas the next day. This information, which appeared inconsistent with the explanation the trials plans, coupled with the driver’s unusual nervousness may the trooper suspect that some kind of criminal activity was occurring. This paragraph the trooper, therefore, requested that say patrol dispatch to check the driver’s criminal history.


Dispatch reported that Stu had a past criminal history of drug-related charges including marijuana or cocaine or methamphetamine. In that light, the trooper asked the Sheriff’s deputy to bring his drug detection dog to the scene of the traffic stop. In the meantime, the trooper returned driver’s license or rental agreement to the driver and issued a warning for making improper lane change. The trooper then asked the driver those trial plans. The driver explained that he and Richardson had fled Las Vegas, stayed for four days or returning to Indianapolis where the driver had been at work the next day. The pair were going to return the rental car to Las Vegas the following day. The trooper found these patrol planes to be very bizarre.


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Hello the trooper had no intention of letting the to leave, the trooper used the old Highway Patrol to step in an attempt to get White to consent to further questioning and perhaps a search of the vehicle. After getting the driver back his driver’s license and rental car agreement, the trooper stated back away from the car and told the driver to have a safe one SFT of the traffic stop. The when the driver began to leave, the patrol officer step back towards the Cale Aiken the court of last the driver’s additional questions. Although the driver initially said yes, he awfully did not bite on the invitation for consensual conversation. He spun they had to get back to Indiana in time to go with the next day.


The driver so to speak on turned into an approved turnaround built into the median. The trooper turnaround through the highway median and doubled back around the driver, singling him to continue east. The driver complied. The deter took 5 to 10 minutes. The drug dog handler arrived soon thereafter along with several other state troopers. As a drug detection dog sniff the exterior the car, the dog alerted. The trooper then searched the car, finding three bundles of marijuana in the trunk. Light discovery, the trooper rested both persons. The entire episode, from the initial traffic stop to the drug discovery lasted between 20 and 35 minutes.


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In a plane these fourth amendment protections, the Supreme Court has recognized three types of police citizens encounters. First is a consensual encounter which is not the fourth amendment. The second is investigative detention which are fourth amendment seizures of limited scope and duration and must be supported by original suspicion of criminal activity. Lastly, there is an arrest, which is the most intrusive the fourth of seizures and reasonable only if supported by probable cause. These categories are not static and may escalate will from one to another. Reviewing court must analyze each stage of the police citizen encounter, ensuring that the requisite level suspicion of cause is present at each stage.


Of the traffic stops are often brief, they are nonetheless seizures within the meaning the fourth amendment. For the duration of the traffic stop, a police officer effectively seizes everyone in the vehicle, the driver in all passengers. Therefore, both the driver and the passenger have standing to challenge the constitutionality of the initial stop. A traffic stop is justified at its inception if an officer has reasonable articulable suspicion that a particular motors has violated any of the traffic regulations of the jurisdiction. A traffic stop is valid if it is based on observed traffic violation. The appellate court will look only at whether the stop was objectively justified.


In addition to be justified at its inception, lawful traffic stop must be regionally related in scope to the circumstances which justified in affairs the first place. A Caesar’s justified solely by the interest in issuing a warning to the driver they become unlawful if it’s prolonged on the time regionally required to complete that mission.