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A jury convicted the defendant of crimes growing out of an alleged marijuana distribution network centered in Tulsa. To convictions resulted in a sentence of imprisonment and a fine. The defendant appealed. Here’s a summary the facts of the case.

The charges arose from a large distribution operation that been manned by more than 40 people. These people to marijuana from California and distribute the marijuana in Tulsa. The operation began in 2014 when four people began working together to distribute marijuana in Oklahoma. At first when individuals obtain their marijuana from Texas in Canada. Eventually, however, the three individuals change sources and again obtain their marijuana from California. Members of the organization would drive or fly to California, buys marijuana, packaging, storage in a California warehouse, and shipper drive the marijuana to Oklahoma.

The defendant allegedly joined the network an importer in a dealer. In these roles, the defendant helped to facilitate the transactions by driving money from Tulsa to California for someone in the group to buy marijuana. He also said assisted in the purchase and packaging of the marijuana in California. He would love the marijuana crates for shipment to Tulsa. Additionally, he would help sell marijuana Tulsa to individuals who would redistribute marijuana to others.

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The network operated for about seven years but the relationships work assignments. Over time. For example, when a dispute arose, one the people stopped working with another. However, the defendant continue to work with the others to acquire marijuana in California and transport marijuana to Obama for distribution there. About a year later, the defendant and another person stopped working altogether. At that point, the defendant resumed working with another guy the group as the three individuals continue to acquire marijuana from California and distributed to Oklahoma.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Aggressive Marijuana Representation

the government began investigating the drug network in 2012. As part of the investigation, the government obtained wiretap authorization orders covering telephones used by suspected members of the network. Ultimately, the defendant was convicted on 15 counts. Count one charged the defendant 42 others with conspiracy encompassing with thousand kilograms or more marijuana. The defendant argues that the trial evidence established only a series of smaller conspiracies rather than a single conspiracy involving marijuana. The appellate court disagreed.

To review the sufficiency of the evidence, the appellate court will engage a de novo review. That means he will consider the evidence in light most favorable to the prosecution to determine whether any rational jury could have found guilty be unoriginal doubt. Engaging in this review, and the appellate court will consider all the evidence, direct and circumstantial, along with reasonable inferences. However, it will not waive the evidence or consider the relative credibility the witnesses.

The trial evidence was sufficient to show the existence of a conspiracy involving thousand kilograms or more marijuana. In part, this evidence included testimony by Coke defendants. There test me was corroborated by recorded conversations, surveillance, seizures, and business records. Together, this evidence showed that the defendant another set traveled to California to purchase marijuana. Additionally, evidence demonstrated that they join their efforts to transport marijuana to Tulsa in court in the delivery after returning. This evidence was sufficient to show a formation of the conspiracy with, goal between all the participants to acquire and distribute marijuana.

Unity of purpose is proven by evidence that the fence and pulled resources periodically. The defendant counter by arguing that the government failed to show a single conspiracy because the relationship between the codefendant sometimes changed over the course of time. He also argued that the evidence did not show interdependence among the co-conspirators. The defendant pointed to the turnover in personnel is a conspiracy progress. But changes in the conspiracy’s membership did not this early convert a single conspiracy into multiple conspiracies.

Some of the participants remained in the enterprise from its inception until was brought to an end. Others joined left the scheme as it would long. However, this is of no consequence of each knew that he was part of a larger ongoing conspiracy. The membership changes were not perfect original jury from finding the fence unity with others in the scheme to distribute large qualities of marijuana. Numerous marijuana cocaine transactions over five years. With very participants can constitute a single conspiracy.

Secondly, the defendant argues that the evidence was insufficient to show interdependence among the co-conspirators. Interdependence can be shown that the defendant’s actions facilitated the endeavors of other alleged co-conspirators are facilitated the venture as a whole. In the view of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the government’s evidence was sufficient for a finding of interdependence. The marijuana network required various individuals to perform different tasks, including crime marijuana in California. He should have hired the best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has to offer.

Or large qualities of drugs are being distributed, each meter buyer may be presumed to know that he is part of a wide-ranging venture. The success of this venture depends on the performance of others who said that he may not even know. Therefore, the evidence established the element of interdependence. The trial evidence permitted by the jury to find not only a single conspiracy involving a large amount of marijuana but also the defense participation the conspiracy.