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In July, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper knows the car going 92 miles per hour on Interstate 44. He stopped the vehicle and asked the driver for his license and proof of insurance. The driver was able to produce the requested documents. Because it is difficult to converse with highway noise and dangerous to stand on the side of the road, the trooper asked the defendant to accompany him in his patrol car.

Was the defendant entered the patrol car, the trooper told him to sit tight and returned to the car. He has the passenger, for her license. She told him that the defendant had never had a license, and gave him hers. The trooper went back to the patrol car and asked the defendant who on the car that he was driving. He also asked where they were going they have been. The best criminal defense attorney Tulsa has tell you to never talk to police. You can see an excellent video presentation by attorney Stephen Cale on his website at

The trooper give them the patrol car question the defendant further attempt to reconcile the conflicting accounts. The defendant only elaborate on his prior Cale, contradict himself on occasion as he did so. Suspicious of the couple were were engaged in illegal activity, trooper radioed for a K-9 drug detection unit. It initiate the defendant in a citation for speeding and warning for driving without a license. After telling him that he was free to go, however, the trooper asked the defendant whether he would answer a few questions. The defendant agreed.

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The trooper asked the defendant had anything illegal the car whether he would consent to search the vehicle. The defendant replied that the trooper to get permission from the owner because it was not his car. The owner initially declined to get permission, so the trooper informed them aid call for a drug dog to sniff around the car because your story did not match up. The owner said that he could search the car. The trooper asked her to join the defendant’s patrol car while they waited the dog. The trooper then left Malone’s car. The patrol car was equipped with videocam an audio recording system. A video camera was mounted inside on the windshield appointed forward. The audio recording system had two microphones, one on the trooper and one inside the patrol car.

Criminal Defense Attorney Tulsa | Fighting Drug Dog Sniffs

Unaware that they were be recorded, the two discussed the situation. Although the woman’s counsel argues that most of the recorded audio is unintelligible, review shows that a large part of with a couple said wall in the patrol car can be understood. Shortly after the trooper let the patrol car, the owner are permitted the defendant for speeding. About why they had said what they had been cut in California residents an adult Albuquerque. The other told him that she had stuffed her pants to which he replied you have it on you. The conversation turned to the upcoming dog search.

Another trooper and his partner arrived at the drug dog shortly after the woman in the patrol car. The ticket talk to the convertible. The couple continued to converse while they watched the dog circle vehicle. With the dog a person rear the car, the woman said if he gets near the corner that’s where it’s where it is. As a dog around the back right corner of the car, the dog alerted to the presence of drugs in the car.

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When the troopers asked the woman with a bad personal use quality of drugs in the car. The denied having drugs but the woman told the trooper that there was get out of the driver’s seat. Troopers then began the search of the vehicle. During the search the woman said to her friend that the probably planted again. The troopers found again this or briefcase and the pastor compartment. When the driver asked the woman was in the briefcase, ship replied that contain of the guns. Unable to the briefcase, the trooper asked with commendation. He replied that it wasn’t his. The trooper then asked the woman the same question. She gave him commendation. The trooper’s of the briefcase and found to market the site.

The trooper continues examine the contents of the briefcase will the third moved to the trunk and opened it. The government the things from the corner with a drug dog alerted. As he did so, the woman’s is claimed that they were in trouble. With a permit the black backpack, the woman became upset. The backpack contained a large amount of methamphetamine. The trunk also contain drug paraphernalia, including baggies, scales, class pipes, and an open bag of coffee into the mess is no drugs.

Now that he found drugs in the trunk, the trooper asked the woman to step on the patrol car. As she exited, glass pipe fell from her pocket to the ground. She then removed the black pouch from her pants. The three from some of the family were found in the lipgloss container inside the palace that she had removed from her pants. Trooper’s testify to the above events at trial. Additionally, the video of the stop was shown to the jury.